Rhea Hanges

Creative Director / Art

Bayer Bee Health
“Tweet a Bee 🐝 Feed a Bee”

The purpose of this project was to create a utility where everyone in the world could participate in feeding bees in order prevent the decline in the population of bees. Through the simple idea of making the bee emoji a form of trackable currency that translated into wildflower seeds planted to feed bees. Every person who tweeted the bee emoji we planted 200 seeds. The importance of this idea being on twitter meant that we opened up participation to the entire world, not just a specific audience, we invited the world to participate using $0 media dollars. This idea was so much more than a creative idea, it turned into a business idea for Bayer Bee Care that made lasting and real change to feed the bees by translating a bee emoji into real seeds planted to feed our buzzing friends.

Social Responsibility award, 2017

Social Activation/