Rhea Hanges

Creative Director / Art

Keurig Laughing Man Launch
“The Cup Half Full”

Laughing Man sells fair-trade coffee from independent farmers in Ethiopia. Hugh Jackman and his wife, on an outreach trip to Ethiopia, met a coffee farmer named Dukale whose delicious coffee and cheerful disposition inspired the coffee shop and brand. The work ran as pre-roll, digital videos that show the cheerful and optimistic story of the brand's origin story. The films were shot with Hugh Jackman standing in front of a scrolling line-art drawing that, in the 60-second spot, is revealed to be a backdrop placed in front of the Laughing Man Café, in New York's Tribeca district. This work helped both Keurig and Laughing Man by getting the humble, human, real story out about a new coffee brand that made consumers feel part of something bigger.


Director Erich Joiner