Rhea Hanges

Creative Director / Art

Street Grace

Did you know that stopping men purchasing sex from minors will end the demand? This national campaign raised awareness of domestic minor sex trafficking. Reminding men that although they feel anonymous when purchasing sex from minors online, they aren’t. This campaign launched in Atlanta, one of the top 5 human trafficking hubs and was quickly adapted by many other states in the US. We partnered with Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens to change the law for how predators are charged for purchasing sex. 

Thanks to Bob Dylan for donating this song for our cause "Man in the long black coat".


The Washington Times
Georgia Health News
Georgia Commission on Women
Gainesville Times
Attorney General of Georgia
Truckers Against Trafficking


We created a re-targeting campaign, where banners followed people searching with sex minors. We worked together with the government of Georgia - to make a change. Forever. This campaign helped changed the law on sex trafficking in Georgia, creating lasting change in our world.

Special thanks to Wool&Tusk for the incredible music